In modern information systems, new components must be connected to existing systems again and again, or old components must be removed.

Like many other companies, you rely on some of your valuable legacy systems, and middleware plays a critical role in integrating these legacy systems with your new applications.

Does your software development still have the freedom to “program in the wild” – without a clear architectural concept for integrating old and new? Do integration projects exceed planned budget limits or does the TCO over the life cycle far exceed your planning?

In any case, it is uneconomical and rarely possible in practice to regularly redesign or reconfigure application systems based on fluctuating market, regulatory or customer requirements.

Middleware products, such as message-oriented middleware, rules engines, workflow and DMS systems up to real-time streaming platforms and central logging with state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms have a significant impact on the software architecture of your information systems. This software architecture will determine the cost-relevant quality characteristics of the applications that are crucial to your company’s success!

The use of COMPRISE middleware products from the hands of an experienced OpenSource evangelist of the first hour offers you the following advantages:

Portability and reusability. The COMPRISE middleware products help you to transform old legacy systems into reusable components to enable fast changes. Applications using COMPRISE middleware require less development time due to reused components, even across different environments. From development and testing to successful production deployment.

Efficient and cost-effective.  Due to the improved reusability, applications built on COMPRISE middleware require less time for configuration or development. Your business processes can be automated more easily using middleware technologies and a reduction of software development time and project costs by up to 50% is realistically achievable.

Seamless integration. A wide variety of applications helps your company better organize your business, but also creates complexity in managing and adapting the growing number of heterogeneous applications at the same time. COMPRISE middleware facilitates the interaction between applications in a cost-effective and efficient way.


Message transmission with ActiveMQ


Distributed streaming platform with Kafka


Enterprise and Microservice Integration Patterns with CAMEL


Document management with nuxeo


Content management with CRAFTERCMS


Integrated search with ElasticSearch


Business Automation and Business Process Management with CAMUNDA and ACTIVITI


Data analysis with Cube.js


Efficient processing of large data volumes with HADOOP


Deep Learning with TENSORFLOW


Databases with PostgreSQL

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