IT transformation is a challenge for every company. It is about skills and resources.

Today’s CIO has business responsibilities and must be able to integrate technological developments into existing landscapes in such a way that they best support the organization’s IT strategy and business processes.

The development and maintenance of existing applications, as well as the smooth provision of technology, are assumed to be mastered. The framework conditions for classic IT organizations have changed fundamentally in the last decade.

COMPRISE’s products are based on 25 years of experience in the development of applications in different industry sectors, from transportation and finance to modern high-security healthcare, and are designed to be efficiently reusable for your benefit

– with the care of an experienced OpenSource evangelist of the first hour.

Using COMPRISE’s products means that your software development has more time to concentrate on the technical aspects of the software development tasks in order to effectively and efficiently support the implementation of your IT strategy and business tasks!

We offer a broad portfolio of blueprints for your application development. Blueprints for the development of modern and fast web-based user interfaces, blueprints for the efficient implementation of your business processes, for the flexible design of mobile applications, up to efficiently usable searches in your databases with methods of Artificial Intelligence!


Developing with Spring Framework


Create, deploy and manage containers


Design and development of user interfaces


Development of mobile applications


Development of secure IoT applications

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