The future of the world of work will be very different from the world of work as we know it today. The new world of work requires different ways of thinking and different skills.

Your software developers will have to deliver functions faster to enable your company to quickly recognize the added value for your customers, so that you can learn efficiently from the results even in an iterative approach. At the same time, however, a stable operation of your existing applications must be ensured.

To achieve this, there will be an even greater need in the software development industry in the future for generalists who can cooperate efficiently but do not have to get lost in technical details. Speed is the key to enabling innovations in the future of the working world.

Rely therefore on JAVA products of the European high technology specialist COMPRISE, which bases its products on the body of thought of experienced OpenSource Evangelists. OpenSource connoisseurs, who have been successfully representing the new working style for 25 years and who relieve your software developers of the technical detail load to create the freedom you need!

COMPRISE offers you a choice from a wide portfolio of JAVA products – also for high security applications! Increase your development efficiency at reduced costs by using lightweight OpenSource JAVA products – from the European supplier COMPRISE. The European provider who can provide a JDK certified by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). A JDK, on which also the largest European health network in Germany is based!

Our experts will be happy to advise you on how COMPRISE products can support your generalists in the efficient handling of JAVA legacy as well as the effective implementation of future-proof agile JAVA solutions.


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